Integration Services

Modbus Integration

Eneractive provides setup and integration for modbus enabled meters.  Our team’s extensive knowledge with the modbus protocol, allows us to engage and support various BAS/BMS systems worldwide.  


The Eneractive team can assist with BACnet IP or BACnet MSTP enabled meters.  Our system integrators are also highly experienced with Modbus to BACnet data conversions.  If BACnet meter integration is your priority, Eneractive can help with your needs.

Meter Field Testing

Eneractive offers field testing services to ensure that the submetering components are installed and reading correctly. Our engineers assist site BMS/BAS, HMI/SCADA systems to ensure full front-end functionality.  With experience in BACnet (IP/MSTP), Modbus (RTU/TCPIP), and SNMP communication protocols, Eneractive can verify correct meter integration. We can efficiently verify points from multiple devices (i.e. Voltage, Current, etc.) and make sure they are being displayed correctly on the site software system.

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