About Us

Our vision

Through innovative solutions, we seek to provide the end user with accurate metering data, reports, and graphics to promote usage education and conservation. 

Our history

Eneractive LLC was started in the early 2000’s. Since then, the company has been able to design and integrate systems all over the world. Our projects range from hotels and condos to Amazon office buildings, data centers, and high security government buildings.  

What We do

We provide the knowledge and experience to collect, report, manage, visualize, and analyze all types of metering data. Efficient solutions and ongoing, personal, support are the cornerstones of our company. If you’re looking for metering data management and reporting solutions, we are here to help!

Our Projects

Eneractive has implemented their software systems and solutions throughout the United States; as well as, some sites overseas.  Review our site map and experience at your convenience. 

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